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Ever the "can't sit still" kid, I coupled my avid adventuring nature with becoming a personal trainer and certified yoga teacher. Living in sports bras and leggings, I noticed that other trainers and teachers offered branded apparel and accessories in addition to offering classes. I thought: "Wouldn't it be cool if I had my own activewear?". 

Like many people in the pandemic world, I decided it was time to take my dream and make it a reality. All of a sudden, I had nothing but time and money I'd saved to move to Australia so it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Inspired by my love of nature, infatuation for the Canadian Rockies, and fascination with the sea, Cyan and Stone was born! Now it was time to search for activewear that was not only comfortable and supportive but also high quality and squat proof that made people feel confident and strong.

I scoured the internet for activewear pieces and while I found some that were inexpensive to make, the low cost of the pieces did not sit well with me. If the price of a piece is set to a couple of dollars, I imagined the employees making these pieces were not taking home a fair wage or any wage at all. Additionally, I didn’t feel connected with any of the companies I had reached out to. The interactions felt very impersonal.

Working with an ethical manufacturer was incredibly important to me. No matter the investment, I wanted to make sure I was working with people who were treated fairly and paid a fair wage no matter. I found Indonesian manufacturers who pay their employees above standard wages, offer health care, a healthy work/life balance, and above standard working conditions.

Having an environmentally conscious and sustainable product was also a top priority for me. I'm proud that Cyan and Stone activewear is made from industrial plastic, abandoned fishing nets, fabric scraps, and carpet fibers recovered from the ocean and landfills. By creating pieces from this type of fabric, we’re cleaning up oceans and landfills, plus reducing the use of crude oil, CO2 emissions, and reducing the impact of global warming of nylon by up to 90%. 


Karoline Gora

Owner and Creator