Benefits of Compression Leggings

Benefits of Compression Leggings


You may have heard me talking about how the Summit and Terrain leggings are muscle compression leggings. Muscle compression leggings are leggings that fit snug to the body allowing them to apply gentle pressure to the muscles. 

Besides looking cute as hell, there are several other reasons why you should wear compression leggings:

  • They Increase blood flow and deliver oxygenated blood from the heart back to your muscles 
  • Help with muscle recovery and reduces soreness 
  • Provide support for the muscles 
  • Reduce swelling and often used during travel for this reason 

How amazing does that sound?

When shopping for compression leggings, something to keep in mind is that they do fit a bit tighter than regular leggings. They are meant to fit snug but not so tight that it’s hard to move around.

Check out Cyan and Stone’s compression leggings here.

Xoxo Karoline

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